Bulk Pork - Half Hog Custom Cut

Bulk Pork - Half Hog Custom Cut

$3.10/lb hanging weight + processing fees
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Fill the freezer and save big! 

This deposit holds your hog. Final cost will be determined at processing.

Not quite ready for a whole hog or limited on freezer space? Put down your deposit today to reserve your half hog -- custom cut to your liking!

After we receive your deposit you will receive an email when we have a confirmed processing date for your pork. Currently there is a waiting list for half hogs and the next available half hogs are due to be processed November 30, 2021.

Half hogs average 100-125lbs hanging weight with some fluctuation in each hog. Final price will be determined after processing fees. Processing fees typically come out to about $1.50/lb depending on how your hog is cut and cured.

Whole and half hogs typically sell out early so put your deposit down today!