Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Where are you located?

Homegrown Pork and Poultry is located on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in Western South Dakota. We are able to supply healthy, nutritious and ethically raised meat to the surrounding communities from the Black Hills and Rapid City to Pine Ridge and Rosebud Reservations. Our farm resides 3 miles West of Batesland, SD.

2. What makes pastured meat better?

At Homegrown Pork and Poultry we firmly believe that our animals should have access to fresh pasture and sunshine every day of their lives. Not only are the benefits clear in animal welfare but there are numerous studies showing that meat raised on a pasture based diet have benefits for your health as well. According to the Mayo Clinic, pasture raised meat contains higher amounts of healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, more conjugated linoleic acids which are believed to help reduce risk of heart disease and cancer, plus more antioxidants such as Vitamin E!

3. I live out of state. Can I still purchase meat from you?

Unfortunately at this time we are only able to fill orders for meat in the State of South Dakota. Due to the limiting factors of USDA processing plants our meat is processed under the state guidelines(often just as strict or stricter than federal guidelines) but because of this we are only able to be sold within the state. Our pork is inspected by a South Dakota state inspector at our local processor and our chicken is processed under USDA PL90-492 which allows small farmers to process poultry on farm and sell directly to consumer. Please reach out if you have any questions about the inspection status or procedures for the meat that we sell.

If you are interested in still supporting Homegrown Pork and Poultry please consider donating towards feeding a local family in need. The following link will bring you directly to our separate donation site: Donate Pasture Raised Meat to a Family in Need

4. How does ordering work?

In order to complete a purchase you must create an account and select your desired pickup location. Fill your basket with all of your pasture raised meat needs and pickup at your scheduled time and site. Your credit card will be billed when we package your order and adjust for the correct weight of each product you have selected. We use a secure server and take your security very seriously. Your personal information will never be accessed or sold to any other entities. If you have any questions at all about the ordering process please do not hesitate to email

5. Are you going to sell my email? Will I be receiving tons of junk mail?

Absolutely not. We will never sell your email to any marketing campaigns or any other organization for that matter. Please enter an email at checkout that you visit regularly as this is the easiest form of communication for us. We will coordinate delivery options and final balance invoicing through this email. When you create an account with use you will be automatically registered to receive our once per month newsletter. You may opt out of this at any time. Our monthly newsletter contains farm news, important information and best of all -- recipes!

6. When will my order be delivered?

For Summer 2021 Chicken CSA shares, delivery will begin end of July and run each month through September, November or March depending on your purchase. Pickup dates for Rapid City can be found on the CSA product pages for the remainder of the year. The first pickup for other locations is given with subsequent dates TBD. If you do not have a pickup location in your area please reach out to us to inquire about adding a local pickup location in Western South Dakota. For Summer 2021 Whole and Half hog pork delivery, we will arrange for deliver/drop-off locations, through email. If you are interested in adding a different drop-off location near you please invite some local friends to purchase pork or chicken this summer so that we are better able to accommodate bulk deliveries and drop-offs.

7. How are half and whole hog final prices determined? How much pork will I get?

When you purchase a deposit for a half or whole hog you are reserving your pork that is not yet processed. Prior to processing we will send you a "cut-sheet" for you to determine the cuts that you would like out of your hog. The final cost of your pork will be based on the hanging weight, given to us at the processor (weight after gutting and cleaning). In addition, the exact cost of the processing from the butcher will be passed on to this final price. Processing fees typically come out to about $1/lb and the average whole hog has a hanging weight of 175lbs. 

Example: 175lb hanging weight x $3.95/lb for a whole hog = $691.25

                $691.21 + $175 processing fees = $866.25 final cost for whole hog processed, cut and packaged, and frozen.

Typically you will receive 70% of the hanging weight in retail cuts but this does vary based on your cuts. Some cuts will remove more bone and fat than others. A standard 175lb hanging weight hog will produce on average, 125lbs of retail cuts. 

 Please feel free to ask questions when you receive your cut-sheet!

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